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Knight / Lord Knight: Because to be a master you have to start out as a disciple, a knight / Lord Knight is a knight who does not hesitate to learn all the existing arts of weapons to be able to finish off his enemies, they have an unbreakable battle spirit and It does not matter if they outnumber him, he will fight until the very face of the earth ends and of course always accompanied by his faithful companion Peco Peco a great friend who will help him fight until the battle more difficult of all, he is a specialist in the use of both spears, swords and two-handed swords, the ability to fight with and without a mount, great resistance. and an enormous speed of movement. If you challenge a Knight / Lord Knight do not doubt that you will have a very hard battle ahead as he has great agility, a lot of resistance, great harmony with his weapon and in extreme cases he can enter a state of berserk fury which transforms him into a demigod on the battlefield. If you want to create amazing feats, if you want your name to be known to everyone, if you want to become much stronger in every battle being a knight / Lord Knight is your ideal job. This work is derived from the Swordman (Espadachin), you can enjoy the character within EuropeRO.

  • Lord Knight
  • Paladin
  • High Wizard
  • Professor
  • Sniper
  • Gypsi / Clown
  • Whitesmith
  • Creator
  • Assassin Cross
  • Stalker
  • High Priest
  • Champion
  • Star Gladiador
  • Soul Linker
  • Ninja / Ninja
  • Gunslinger
  • Summoner NOT Enabled